Silence is a virtue and patience is golden

I am known for mixing up common sayings.  I have no real excuse for it.  Years ago a friend of mine from Germany came to work one morning and said, “Last night I was really cutting wood!”.   And I felt an instant bond to this person.  I have said things like, “the squeaky mouse gets the wheel”, “I can hit two rocks with one bird”, “I can’t see the trees in the forest”, “Now, just wait a corn picking minute”, “That was the camel that broke the horses back”…and the pathetic list goes on. 

The bad thing is that I usually don’t know I have said it wrong until I get the deer in the headlights look.  I don’t know why I still even try to pull these sayings off anymore, except that the comedic value has become pretty entertaining…because I honestly don’t know what I’ll come up with next.  I’m not trying to get them wrong.  In fact I must think too hard about it and that’s probably why I get them all mixed up.  And now I am finding that I don’t even have to say them outloud.  I THINK them wrong too! 

Tonight I was brushing my teeth…enjoying the silence because this was one of those days that my almost two year old was doing her best to live up to the “terrible twos” label.  I started thinking about the whole silence is golden and patience is a virtue saying…but of course because it was me thinking it…it was “silence is a virtue and patience is golden”.   I knew I got it wrong…I had to think really hard to rearrange it.  Then I started wondering, what does virtue really even mean?  Call me stupid, but I just never thought about it really.  I took it for granted that a virtue is a good thing, but exactly what kind of good thing? 

The definition that fits best according to Webster is “a commendable quality or trait”.  Well…it turns out that this is one saying that I might have messed up AND gotten right at the same time.  Living with two daughters ages 7 and almost 2, I have to say that silence really is a virtue…it IS a commendable quality and trait.   It’s golden too, I guess I’ll give in to that.  And patience is not just a virtue around here, but a trait worthy of a gold medal when honestly achieved.  So with this saying, either way I’m right in my own little world.  As long as I don’t say something like “silence is a patient and virtues are golden” oh…my wee head hurts.

As a mom I usually want to hear everything my children have to say and want them to be able to express themselves, talk freely, and feel comfortable using their words.  Oh…but some moments I just would love for them to have this little virtue called silence.  Admitedly, I am guilty of wondering “where is the off button?”.  But as a single mom, I do get those moments of silence.  Usually when I really don’t want them.  And I miss the chaos, the constant interruptions, kissing the boo boos, the sibling bickering, picking up after the tornado that is my almost 2 year old (I affectionately call her my little hurricane sometimes).  And at these moments of dreaded, unchosen silence I make my vow to try very hard to earn a gold medal in the future for having patience.

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