Dumbing Down or…Progress?

Every year more words are inducted into Webster’s Dictionary. There is ALWAYS backlash from the literary word masters of our day and age…ie word snobs. That’s what I shall calleth them…Those thespians that apparently are firmly wedged in the dark ages where thine, ere and thee were popular, whom want to ignore that “Muah ha ha” is now an acceptable real word.

They call it “dumbing down” the English language.

I disagree. I call it literary, expressive evolution. Ridiculous as the new words may seem. Shouldn’t we at least document these changes to our vocabulary? I mean, if the Mayans are right and we are wiped out in December, wouldn’t we want futuristic explorers to know we were so advanced that we used words like crunk, hoser, ginormous and smackdown?

What the literary snobs of our time don’t talk about is that there are also words like textaphrenia, retainage, deconflict, agreeance, and phytoconstituents being added as well. So, along with the doltish terms being appended, are also the hyperintelligent.

I mean how can we add some words and not others – just because you may not be a fangirl (also a new word – look it up) of them.

Grow up and stop being such a linguistic bully. Let those silly little guys live and have their place in literary history too.

I hope you dance

If you have children…and in particular, little girls, then you know that this song is one of the most honest, heart felt songs ever.  It’s exactly what I hope and wish for my own sweet, feisty, amazing little gifts. 

We recently made a small (insert sarcasm here) jaunt to the ocean to visit my mom and sold the long drive to my rambunctious thing 1 and thing 2 with a promise of playing in the ocean. 

They are 10 and 4.  Too soon to be 11 and 5…and I am afraid to blink for missing something.  My little wild goofy girls are everything they should be at this age.  Curious, funny, adorable, trying, frustrating, incredibly sweet, cuddly, beautiful, mischeivious, helpful, distracted, playful, and so many other adjectives…but one thing remains no matter what…they are loved.  Every inch, through and through, inside and out.

So when we finally arrived as promised to the ocean to frolic on the beach and play in the waves, you know this crazy mama was snapping the photos as best as I could between wiping humid ocean mist from the lense. 

And yes, I heard this song playing subconciously to the backdrop of the wild and reckless beauty of my daughters playing like little sea otters and yes – even dancing along the Atlantic’s edge.

When I felt like my camera’s eye got enough fill, I ditched my sony for seashells and joined in the fun. 

It was only one day at the beach…it wasn’t much, but the memory will last for years to come.  In a world where I am bombarded with so much “must haves” of this and that, I was very thankful for the reminder of simplicity.