The secret of the frosted branches

frosted branches 034
I woke up this morning to the beautiful sight of frosted branches. I absolutely love it when all the trees in the woods outside are entirely encapsulated in beautiful whiteness. It creates a whole different look to the woods. And the more branches, tangles and chaos there is – the more beautiful the frosted effect becomes. So I decided to get a closer look.

frosted branches 042
I chose a little tree that was in my reach so I could get very close to it.

frosted branches 035
I had not realized that the frost was actually fractals of ice crystals clinging to the tree like tiny ice shelves!

frosted branches 037 (3)
And when I downloaded these pictures to magnify the details – it about took my breath away!!

frosted branches 041 (2)
How did I miss that in all my years? I have been driving or walking right by all this amazingly detailed beauty and not really even noticing the intricacy of it!

Just another moment when I realize how the ordinary can become extraordinary. We just have to notice.

Now…the feat in the future will be to – keep driving and not pull over like a maniac and take more pictures.

Unsuspecting Beauty

date night and beware of dog 013

This is pretty interesting. Do you know what you are looking at?

date night and beware of dog 012

How about now?

date night and beware of dog 019

Any clue yet? Kind of beautiful, isn’t it?

Wait for it…

date night and beware of dog 020

If you guessed that it is salt residue that fell off my car in a puddle and dried up, then you are right!

It helps me to take note of the small things like this. The small beauty that is all around us that is bigger than us, more consistent than us. And found in the most surprising and unsuspecting of places.

These little beautiful reminders are humbling. They remind me that the most insignificant of things can be valuable, beautiful, amazing. We just have to actually take time to notice.

Check your garage floor this winter. See if the salty branch snow fairies visited you too. = )