The Hidden Joy of Abstract Art

Abstract art is not for everyone.

I know this firsthand because there was a time in my life that I honestly hated abstract art. I didn’t get it.

It actually made me uncomfortable and angry. I thought it was intensely stupid. It made no sense to me.

No rhyme or reason. No method. No meaning. What the heck was the purpose?

“Anyone can slap some paint on something and call it art these days!” I would think with my eyes rolling back in my head.

But in the past few years, I have been curiously drawn toward the abstract.

At first it was mystery and curiosity. Like…I was intrigued, but had no idea why. I still didn’t get it.

Interestingly enough, at that time in my life, I was a control freak and didn’t even know it.

I was pretty uptight in general. I was a perfectionist.

About 4 years ago, I had a life changing experience that forced me to adjust my path.

It was a break-through life defining moment that forced me to step back, re-examine my life, my attitude, life choices, and most of all…let go of expectations and control – Of both me and others and life in general.

I didn’t realize how that would affect ALL aspects of my life.

Though it makes perfect sense, I find it very interesting that shortly after that pivotal cross road, I started not only being curious about Abstract Art…but actually being drawn towards it.

I had to admit…I actually liked it, and rather really loved some pieces!

But I still couldn’t tell you why.

However, in time it has started to become clearer to me – It has to do with letting go of control and letting my mind play!

A novel concept for such a once upon a time so serious girl.

Maybe it had to do with the letting go of the rigid compartments that I felt I had to have everything in before. Maybe it was a new sense of freedom – no longer being bound to what everyone else thinks I should do or be.

Coloring outside of the lines…Heaven Forbid!!

And speaking of which…I hate to admit, but before my major life changing event, I literally had moments where I cringed when I watched my kids coloring outside of the lines. It drove me batty!

I mean…I HAD ALWAYS stayed in the lines as a child. What could this mean or say of them and their future if they couldn’t stay in the lines?

And if they colored a tree blue and purple? Oh…no. What was WRONG with them?!

Not that I said any of that out loud, but I do remember feeling internally rattled.

Yep. I was that stupid.

The better question was…what the hell was wrong with me?

Thankfully…I can tell you now – I LOVE to see them being unorthodox in their coloring and art…and I actually encourage it! I mean…that is raw, creative, imaginations at work! And I find it not only precious but inspiring.

I actually find myself asking…”What would a kid do?”

And there definitely is something about finding your inner child to be able to just let go and create abstract – to see what happens…not being paralyzed with the fear of making a mistake.

So…What is it about Abstract that I love?

It’s this undefined freedom of expression.

The morphing and mixing of colors blending.
3 panel rainbow

Contrast of dark and light.
abstract 6 panel

texture 2

It is use of color to reflect or convey a feeling that doesn’t have words or even a definitive shape.
It’s random, yet purposefully placed lines, or streaks, or drips, or splatters that becomes an exciting adventure with an unknown outcome.

It is like soul groans of raw emotion in the form of color and textures that becomes its own being…Its own identity.
abstract X

It’s a chemical reaction of different types of paint and mediums that create something completely organic and unexpected.
organic sky pour

autumn panel

Most of the pieces that I create are a complete surprise to me! No kidding.

I mean, I may have a concept, a vision, or idea, but during the process of putting it to canvas, I find the paint takes over and transforms my vision into something that it wants to be.

Sometimes I end up with an enhanced version of my original vision.

Other times the paint leads me on, and dares me to depart from my original plan altogether and go on this wild adventure where I am simply trying to do what the paint is suggesting.

It’s like this fluid relationship…
Sometimes it works out in surprisingly beautiful ways.
Sometimes it’s like we had a fight and need to just start over.

But I learn something each time. Always, always learning.

Now…it doesn’t mean that I love ALL Abstract Art. Just the same as I don’t love all genres of music, or ALL types of cheese.

But I can at least appreciate nearly all art forms in a way that I never could before. I can consider it. Ponder it. Let my mind play a bit with it.

And not to say that only free spirit personalities can enjoy abstract. My husband is an engineer and he loves abstract, which is very interesting and impressive to me. It’s like he has to be a perfectionist at work, but allows himself to enjoy the randomness beauty of abstract work.

It’s been an interesting journey. I consider myself a rehabilitated fuddy duddy.

Sometimes you just can’t see the best things coming. So when life gives you an unexpected secret garden of an open mind…enjoy the hidden joys of it.

Note – All paintings shown are my original works – or results of experimental play time. And all are for sale to purchase.

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