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I started writing this blog as an experiment years ago during a time of depression, turmoil, transition, and instability. It was free therapy at the time.  It survived into a new period of peace, happiness, stability, contentment…and one incredibly thankful blogger.

A large part of my healing came from the very intentional efforts of changing my perspective. Instead of being frustrated or feeling stuck where I am in the occasionally drab and dreary Ohio, I started challenging myself to find the beauty right where I am.

By intentionally slowing down, being curious, and taking time to examine everything around me – right in my own yard and community, I found that there is something remarkable to be found every single day if I take the time to find it.

It has been so powerful that it has spilled over into my attitude about life in general. I see the world in a whole different, child-like way now. I see potential beauty in almost everything.

You can join in on my efforts on instagram and twitter by adding searching or adding #findbeautywhereyouare

I appreciate your comments and support in this effort.

Lee Ann Lander

13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Lee,
    I received an email with a link to your blog this morning. I am speechless … but not wordless. Lee, you are like fireworks — we catch a little glimpse of you as you shoot up through the first paragraphs of a journal entry, and then you burst into all kinds wisdom as you conclude! Through your unique heart, mind and spirit, you are encouraging, educating and freeing your readers to feel and grow. I can’t wait to see where this blog takes you as God uses you to light up the night sky for people who need your insight.

    • Hi Lee,
      I started reading “Help is a four letter word” and you got me hooked! I know that I’ll forget to tell you when I see you…we are having a woman come and speak to our MOPS group named Marla Taviano on Oct 22. She has a blog and has 3 (I think) books published. She lives in the area too. Maybe you could come and meet her. I’d love to have you write an article in our MOPS newsletter. I am so glad that you are sharing your feelings and letting others understand what being a single mom is like. Keep it up!
      🙂 Emily Fisher

  2. A mutual friend told me about your blog, and I wanted to look it up because I’ve always been a big fan. The first moment I met you I was doing an audit at the warehouse and you walked up…so young, but strong and self-assured. As I worked with you off and on through the years I learned something of your spirit and creativity…with only hints of the trials you’d faced in life. Keep it up!

  3. Lee, thank you for sharing of your heart. The things you write about make me in awh of you. thanks please keep writing!

  4. Lee: does my name, Ed Pauls, ring a bell to you? Ok let me try this? Summer of ’87, Young Life camp, Lake Champion(?) New York, and Ed Pauls.

    • I can’t remember the camp name. I want to say it Camp Champion. I was in the group from Georgia. Looking thru my old albums, I can remember that we had several different groups from around the country. Your group from Columbus, OH; Cincinnati, OH; my group from near Atlanta, GA; either one large group or 2 different groups from Hawaii; and I want say 2-3 other smaller groups but I can’t recall them. I just had pictures of the ones I mentioned.
      We wrote several times, while I was at Georgia Southern, up until sometime in your first year at OSU. You were silly and sweet and I enjoyed your company. I remember the Hawaiian group kept trying to say you were part of their group. 😃
      Seeing that you had a blog, didn’t surprise me. Your letters were always filled with what was going on in your life, bible quotes to help me thru me feeling sorry for myself, always cheering me up or sometimes thanking me for cheering you up, and songs or ideas for songs.

  5. If you lived close we’d be best friends! I love your honesty and willingness to be real to help others as you helped yourself! My heart aches for girls that are victims! Thanks for using your story to be used to aide in healing for others. Genesis 50:20, “What the enemy intended for harm, God intended for GOOD.” Evil did not win here! God will use this, and is using your life as an example to other nameless women. I appreciate your voice of truth, strength, hope, perserverance and forgiveness! Keep looking to God for truth! You are beautiful, strong, precious, significant, and secure in Him! Love to you!

    • Thank you Anonymous. I have taken a break blogging lately, and have recently felt a stirring to get back to writing. I miss it! I keep getting little nudges here and there that I should get back into it. So thanks for your little nudge/encouragement. It means a lot. A lot of people read according to the stats, but not many people take time to comment. I appreciate it and am even more thankful that what I have experienced may be helpful to others. That has been my hope. = )

  6. Thank you for spreading the beauty, that You are, and have inside You. I hope You are doing well now. I wish you all the best and lots of love. Your writing is really stunning. Keep up the good work!

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